The 614-15 South Serkr Ocean cyclone season is an annual event in tropical cyclone formation in the Serkr. Yearly, during the southern hemisphere's summer, tropical cyclones tend to form most often from <date 1> to <date 2>. Cyclones in this region can affect Serkr Islander nations, Solea, Auspikitan, Aiyota, Sodar, and a few colonies. During the 614-15 cyclone year, any cyclone that forms from <longitude 1> to <longitude 2> south of the equator will be monitored by RSMC Saelunavvk in Solea, in addition to any local meteorological service. As Solea is a member of the Nausikkak Meteorological Collaboration (NMC), warnings and data will be archived in a unified format and disseminated quickly to other members and any nation likely to be affected. Tropical and subtropical cyclones (tropical depression strength and greater) are first numbered with the prefix SS, and then a 2-digit number, consecutively increasing with each storm. Wind speeds are estimated over a period of 10 minutes and cyclones are ranked on the NMC intensity scale.

Seasonal forecastsEdit

Seasonal summaryEdit


šunokika iksunda sekekkivi (SS01)Edit

A weak tropical depression formed over the island nation of Oesa. The storm tracked generally south at a slow speed, and rapidly intensified while over warm equatorial water. On <date 3>, the storm was named Sekekkivi (a Soleani female name meaning '<something>'), the first name on the new cyclone list. The storm was relatively small and became šunokika iksunda as it passed over the island of Teloeki, hitting it with hurricane force winds. The interaction with the island disturbed the circulation and weakened the cyclone significantly. Sekekkivi sped up and turned slightly to the east, tracking away from an earlier potential landfall on the Aolejk Peninsula. The storm restrengthened into šunokika ikesa briefly before becoming post-tropical over Futi'akep.

Moderate Cyclone SekekkiviEdit

ikpaga SS02Edit

A weak tropical depression formed 700 km NNE of Kakai. It persisted for 36 hours before its center was judged to have become too disorganized. The remnant tropical disturbance made landfall near Akapeɰevó, Itilsek, Solea, causing heavy rains and minor to moderate flooding.

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Storm namesEdit

At the beginning of the season a list of names was drafted by NMC members and nations able to be affected by cyclones in the South Serkr. The full list is composed of 4 seperate regional lists, Soleani, Auspik, Islander, and International. Since Solea and Auspikitan are the largest countries affected by cyclones often, they are awarded 2 full lists. Nearby countries are allowed to contribute to the International list, composed of a cycling between Kaeshar, Darvincia, Tutono, and Aiyota. Although names are sectionally contributed vertically, the full list is read horizontally ("by Line"). In this way, name origins are cycled rapidly.

A tropical cyclone meeting criteria to be numbered as a tropical depression and sustaining winds of 34 kts (<local units>) or greater will be named by RSMC Saelunavvk.

Should a cyclone move west into the Korveidt, responsibility of tracking would be transferred to <Kaeshar/Aiyota> and would retain its original name. If a cyclone enters from the Korveidt, its name would also be retained.


Sekekkivi	Syele		[AERIDANI]	[KAESHAR]
Syvíga		Kalak		Paekua		[DARVINCIA]
Kulsegwa	Lanaka		[AERIDANI]	Humeo
Enengka		Aoete		Auweika		Corrio
Laluk		Norulauk	[AERIDANI]	[KAESHAR]
Asoik		Ponesi		Eika		[DARVINCIA]
Kwlassyk	Byerta		[AERIDANI]	Harver
Engki		Aeseine		Ati		Forfeiza
Apseng		Tuoeisi		[AERIDANI]	[KAESHAR]	
Panpekalh	Fekel		Peka		[DARVINCIA]
Kungevok	Ain		[AERIDANI]	Davier
Enoikhi		Eppa		Ikena		Adzoni
Kiríl		Sanauw		Hoeki		[DARVINCIA]
Kwtheket	Atawsekwi	[AERIDANI]	[TUTONO]
Nagwa		Kepi		Nuua		Koraofaiazen
Fopwt		Akipa		[AERIDANI]	[KAESHAR]
Enseki		Pikekkrl	Kiwa		[DARVINCIA]
Apéka		Sewa		[AERIDANI]	[TUTONO]
Gwutep		Noruk		Kauiui		Chiaguré

Season effectsEdit