The Articles on the Establishment of a Free Federation of Amalthean States are a series of articles governing and establishing the Free Federation of Amalthea written in the year 557 by several elected leaders from Solea, Auspikitan, Darvincia, and Nausikaa.


Amalthea, as a contrast to the rest of the world, does not follow the same cultural patterns or express the same views on the planet, life, or people.  As such, it has been determined by the general will of the people of Amalthea to create a union of states with express focus placed upon the welfare and interests of the people of This Continent, and governed by the people aforementioned.
This document hereby states that the Nations of Amalthea will be unified into an organization of mutually cooperative states striving for the prosperity of the sentient races of Universalis.

Article I: Ideals and protection thereof.
Non-intervention by foreign powers is essential to the socialist and often autarkic economies prevailing on the Amalthean continent.