Raspberry Cazeta

Cazeta (known as Casablanca concori in Aeridanish) is a sandwich cookie. Although based out of TND military rations, they have become extremely popular in Aeridani, so far as to earn the Gheufeir International Sweets Award in 563. Today they are mainly produced by Arcitera.


7th CenturyEdit

The Cazeta was first produced at a TND laboratory in 541 in an attempt to get cremé sugar cookies out into the extremely hot desert. Many people regarded it as a success, and before long it was circulating throughout the TND, and the recipe soon leaked to the rest of the Lysteriok Realm.

In 553, when the small buisness of Arcitera started making Cazetas, their popularity boomed. Many joke cults following the Cazeta were started, such as the Holy Church of Sugar and Cream or the Cazeta Worshipers Inc.

In 586, Arcitera changed the design of the cookie into the "New Look" but reverted it in 593.

8th CenturyEdit

In 605 to commemorate the quincentennial of Aeridani, the Cazeta changed their layer colours to a patriotic green white and blue with gold etchings, and launched a "deluxe" sized cookie which measured 3 inches across.

Later Arcitera launched a campaign for banning the death sentence, featuring etchings on deluxe cookies which quoted part of the constitution that specifically referred to the death sentence. "Arcitera has a very prosperous history of supporting movements and reforms that benefit the welfare of the people. This is no different" were the words engraved on the packaging of the cookies.


There are many different types of Cazetas. The following are official and advertised on the website of Arcitera.

  • Quintuple Cazeta contains five times the normal amount of cream than a normal Cazeta
  • Cazeta a normal Cazeta.
  • One Pound Icecream Cazeta a super-sized Cazeta that varies in diameter from 6 inches to 18 inches and does not weigh one pound.
  • Mini Cazeta bite-sized Cazetas
  • Dolphin Cazeta Special dolphin-shaped Cazetas in spirit with the International Dolphin Racing League.
  • Cazetti Bambini Massive Cazetas filled with Aiyoti spices
  • Sparaza Etocréme Cazeta in the colour of Cissolar celebrating the unification of Aeridani and Aiyota
  • Arrutano Zíofolia Cazeta filled with 23 Aiyoti natural oils, including Sefianani, Cotredvoire and Sfairopi
  • list is incomplete


Cazetas can come in the following flavours

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Mint
  • Ice Cream
  • Custard
  • Ethanthovan Tea
  • Biscut
  • Orange
  • Cheese
  • BBQ
  • Milk
  • Christmas
  • Miraketé
  • Aiyoti Tea
  • Safféjui
  • Bacon
  • Spearmint
  • Bliss
  • list is incomplete

World AvailabilityEdit


With the help of a large advertising campaign and the national sweet tooth of Tutono, the Cazeta has been doing quite well in sales.


Advertised under "The Miners' Cookie" ('Se Tsuranī vello Soté'), these sweet treats are very popular in Aiyota thanks to both the addition of natural oils and an array of sizes.


Distributed among the people and military by large corporations, these cookies contain special proteins and other vitamins that can be engineered to make up the diet of a soldier in the battlefield