Chekato is a tree that grows in Aiyota, mainly in Sontenya. It is considered one of the most beautiful trees in Aiyota. It's long name (no longer in use) 'Cheka Digchaté Toi i' translates to 'Silver Ghost Tree', for the fact that it's flowers have colours from (a slighty transparent with pink anthers and stigmas) Grey 'Chegjato', White 'Chejgato' and Pink 'Chejato'. The colour often changes during the year, depending on the season.

The actual plant consists of thin branches (which sometimes form an arch and touch the ground) on which lies vines that stretch nearly to the ground, on the vines is where the flowers will bloom, as well as Miraketé, a small grape to orange sized fruit which has a weak outer skin with the texture and thickness of a rockmelon.

Chekato naturally appear from The far south of tha Ayajjka Islands, the entire area west of the Lukito and small parts around the Nisuyo. They have also been introduced to Bárstetkses, some parts of southern Aeridani and scattered elsewhere across the world