Esralsene ō. Asya or Mission Moon One was a program launched in 612 that aims for a fully functioning base on the moon <insert name> by 622. Directed by Anījolē-jan and supported by the Aeridanish and Ethanthovan Space Commands, so far the mission has been on schedule.

History Edit

The idea was first seriously proposed in 582 by Nikotan-kurip, a young astronomer and planetologist. Sadly, he never saw his efforts come to fruition as tragically died in the famous Eighty Two Car Pileup Of 591. However, people all over the world have dreamed of the idea for centuries.

After it gained traction on international media in the 600's, eventually it was announced by the coöperation of the two agencies that it would be done "to promote the betterment and prosperity of the human sciences", a line taken from the Moon Treaty.

Base Edit

The lunar base, which is supposed to have 23 modules at the time of completion, would provide as a base of operations for all explorations regarding Aeridanish exploitation of lunar resources in the region. The site was chosen due to the high concentration of Helium-3 found in the soil after samples were taken back aboard the Chazi 12 mission. So far three modules have been delivered, and four are planned for 615.

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