The first humans arrived from Aeridani or island hopped from Solea 32,000-21,000 years ago.

Yásami, Lumaea & Yo Ka TéEdit

The countries that helped shape Aiyoti Culture were Yasami & Lumaea. The Lumaean civilization began on the Lukito River's Delta, it comprised of the three cities; Jeta, Lituya and Aisi Kadaiiji. The capital being Aisi Kadaiiji.

Lumaea then expanded its territories up the Lukito, while doing so it created the Yuikij-jikojuiyiterarte. Which was (and still is) a canal connecting the Lukito and the Koiyoté (An area of ocean). While rapidly expandly, it came across the Yo Ka Té, a country that had expanded its territories not through peace, but through massacares and Yásami, a country along the Dyi'ira and Nisuyo Rivers  which had used deceit and trickery to expand itself.

Lumaea stretched for miles and miles along the Lukito river, with an extremely large amount of settlements and lots of agriculture from Agaseki to Yoijubani.Yásami claimed to be more advanced and beautiful than the other nations, as it has Brinderna Caves and it's extremely clear Dyi'ira river. Yásami had three main cities, BrindernyaTseka and Yatanya, together forming a bustling population of 4 million people. Today you can still visit Tseka and Yatanya,( although the have merged into the very large city of Sontenya ). Yo Ka Té was the first and only country on the Aiyoti Islands to use land reclamation, it did this by building a wall, draining the water, filling it with any and every type of waste, then topping it with mud/sand.

Dvstagií historyEdit

Dvstagi began on the Kaséo peninsula with the Kaséyo tribe, it soon formed a union with the other tribes and

formed Dvstagi. Aiyoti gets its up to four consonants from Dvstagi (eg. Vsgliaş, Ladtstaki etc.)

Impact on Modern Aiyoti SocietyEdit

Aiyota was and still is affected by the four main empires of the past, each shaping the modern country. Examples are:


The Dyi'ira canals

Language (The difference between 'áo','ao','áó,'aó' )



Morality and Binchao

Language (CCCC), palatization Staba vs Stabya


Logographic symbols and Syllabary






Language (long/short consonants, long/short vowels)


Adiyaéjjetté (Aiyoti chocolate)