Kallisto has only participated the first two editions of the Univision Song Contest. Along with Aeridani and Bongatar, Kallisto sent only two entries in the first edition. Kallisto received its best placing in the first edition with Supersonik Electronik coming in fourth. In the two editions it participaed, the nation would send internet-popular "joke" music, such as Elektonik Supersonik, or Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up, in addition to the user's own experimental creations, the only nation as of yet to do so. After a poor result in the second contest, Kallisto withdrew for the third edition, and it is not known if the country will be returning.

Full Results Edit

Kallisto has received 89 points after participating in the first two Univision Song Contests.

Univision I Edit

No. Artist – Song Pos. Pts.
12 Zlad! – Elektronik Supersonik 4 32
28 sha256:ùüÅ7èä]F7âºT¥¿?Niv8V?AÚ(ÒL9 – Magna Epicuri Usu No 19 4
National Result 5/11 36

Univision II Edit

No. Artist – Song Pos. Pts.
6 Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up 19 26
10 Poynreiter – Soviet Anathema 23 21
26 Poynreiter – Stroke the Note 33 6
National Result 10/11 53

Univision IV Edit

No. Artist – Song Pos. Pts.
8 Weebl – Badgers 26 13
17 Ponyreiter – Brown Noise 35 8
37 Fiah ft. Lilypichu – Senpai Song 25 13
National Result 12/14 34

Voting results Edit

Points given Edit

Nation Pts
Shmupland 26
Wyverncliff 18
Bielosia 17
Solea 13
Aiyota 10
Ethanthova 6
Blaland 3
Tutono 1