Nation Development IndexEdit

Created by Carlson Oahre in 563, it ranks the development of the world's nations, on a 1-5 scale.


1 - Extremely UndevelopedEdit

Nations under this ranking are extremely undeveloped, or not developed at all. Common things include no drinking water, no plumbing, and no electricity along with rampant crime.

2 - UndevelopedEdit

While you may have a few very rich or noble people, most if not everyone else is still very, very poor. Common for there to be no electricity.

3 - DevelopingEdit

These nations are averagely developed, examples include Lnwm or Kariminia. People have all the basic nescessities but still lack luxuries, or are just meeting needs in sustinance farming.

4 - DevelopedEdit

These nations are very well developed, some examples include Tutono and Darvincia.

5 - Very Well DevelopedEdit

The prides of Universalis, these nations are leaders in scientific and economic fields, powering the world foward with their great influence; examples include Ethanthova or Kallisto.