Naiejey is a spice made from ground Siere Cutashcake. Although it is mainly associated with Aeridani, it also is commonly used in nations like Lnwm, Tutono and Peoria.

The plant slowly spread throughout the subcontinent and a bit into Ethanthova, until new culvating methods, and a massive awareness boomed the production of the spice, places as far away as Lizabechai wanting some.

As the plant and breeding conditions evolve, it has grown into a heavy Umami taste with a hint of bitterness.


Naiejey comes from the Barcudahe word for plump, "naiai" and the word for spice, "jaye".


There are many different types of Naiejay, each with their own subtle flavour differences and other things. This is why it is important to specify exactly which type of Naiejay to use (ex: De'Lafflele Naiejey). Some characteristics include:

  • 'Aeridanish' variety has a pleasant mix between umami and salt and is very large
  • 'South Tutono' variety is very small and bitter
  • 'Pyxassca' variety is considered to be tasteless although containing many nutrients.
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