Taeto is a complex Aiyoti body language that originated in Aisi Kadaiiji, Lumaea. It was originally formed to be able to secretly talk to another person without their elders knowing what they were doing, eventually it evolved into something Aiyoti's do as well as they speak Aiyoti

How To Say Simple StuffEdit

I am bored - make semi-circles with feet that overlap (turning in, start with either foot)

I am stressed - Continously tap non-dominant foot and rub right eye

You are heartless - Flick hand over right eye, cross both hands over heart, then shrug with no shoulders, just hand

I am Offended - rub left eye, then place hand on mouth and silently scream

Sorry - place dominant hand out and look at it

Thank you - hold hand so the back faces you, then turn it right around (so your eyes face your palm)

Your Welcome - place back of hands out on both sides, then bring them in to your torso changing from five fingers to index and middle finger

do you speak (language)? - Place index and thumb of dominant hand on mouth, while doing so say (language)

Things May Get ComplicatedEdit

Many expressions may be composed of others eg:

Tapping heels of feet = Sarcasm

I am bored + Your welcome = Rhetorical question