Wyverncliff had all three songs place in the top ten-one of two teams to do so, the other being Aahrus. Nelly-Hey Porsche got 9th with 21 points, Bastille-Pompeii got 7th wtih 24 points and Glukoza-Schweine got 5th with 31 points. 

National Final.Edit

While the National Final was never publicly released there were 50 songs entered into the final. According to sources in the Wyverncliff governemnt, Schweine barely made the first two cuts, but then ended up winning the national final. 


Ionova was born on June 7, 1986, in Moscow. As a child, her hobbies included ballet and chess. She also did some acting and was in the films "Triumph" and "War Of The Princesses", as well as a few episodes of "Yeralash". Currently, she has an interest in aviation, her two Dobermans, and her yellow Mini Cooper, which she enjoys driving. She describes her favorite musical artists as Madonna, Moby, Mumiy Troll and Agata Kristi.

Glukoza's music career began when she was discovered in 2002 by record producer Maxim Fadeev. Together they recorded her first album, "Glukoza Nostra" and released her first music video, "Nenavizhu" (English: I Hate), which was entirely computer animated. In June 2005 Glukoza released her second album "Moskva" with hit singles "Schweine" (English: Pigs), "Yura," "Moskva" (English: Moscow), and "K Chertu" (English: To hell), bringing her total album sales to over 1 million.

Schweine was featured in the game Grand Theft Auto 4 and was on the channel Vladivostok FM.